Wolds Bike Park is situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds, close to Horncastle. Wolds Bike Park started to be built in October 2020 by me, Kevin Smith.

I was previously looking for investment, but when I wasn’t  successful in finding funding, I decided to start small work myself, building a few trails to coach on and then expand this small area.

Over the past few months a few more people volunteered to help me build trails and now things are starting to take shape.

Everything that we build is designed for abilities of riders both young and old. As you can see from the recent pictures we are trying to make it fun, but challenging so people can progress their riding skills further.

The area of the bike park we are currently developing will be the first phase of opening to generate more funds to re-invest into Wolds Bike Park.

The area will also become a permanent coaching area for Kevin to coach all ages and abilities, so the more the park develops on the main trails the more technical they will become.

Also we are currently working on a cross-country track which will be around a 3.5 miles loop with various different challenges long the route.

Dont worry if you only ride cyclo cross as there will be parts of the loop for you.

At the bike park we are currently working on a temporary pump track so you can bring your children to ride whilst you head off to explore the facilities that are currently in place.

Future events for this year I am looking at putting on are ebike racing, kids clubs, cyclo cross racing, mini xc series which will run one night a week for a month and champion of the wolds.

It is all aimed to be fun and to get people more active and involved.

To get this far in the developments has been a major task in itself and it would not happen without the small team of volunteers that turn up in all weather to produce some amazing work.

I appreciate all their hard work and support and we hope it brings a smile to riders faces when they ride at the park.

We are always looking for sponsors and investment, so if you would like to support this amazing project please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are not currently open to the public pay and ride yet, however, once the lockdown has finished, I will be back coaching at the bike park facilities. I’m looking to open a small section in May and start the racing action in July time.

Please keep an eye on our social media pages for updates and picture.

Please get in touch with us for sponsorship enquiries

Please use the form underneath to enquire about any of our sponsorship opportunities.


This is a fun for all. Its a small purpose built track with a tarmac surface which is circular. It can be used by all kinds of bikes and can also be used by scooters.

MTB trails

The mountain bike trails will consist of blue and red with some black run offs. The trails will have jumps, drops and berms suitable for all levels of riders. Extra to the mountain bike trails, there will be a mountain bike cross-country course.


Cyclo-cross is the fastest growing cycling sport. The bikes are road style bikes which are designed for offroad use. The tracks are more natural. Cyclo-cross season generally runs through the winter months.
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